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Shoulder Pain Treatment Options
Treatment depends on cause and severity of the pain. Some options available include occupational or physical therapy, surgery, or shoulder immobilizer. You may also get prescriptions for medications for inflammation. Some minor shoulder pain could be treated at home with icing, but in case of severe shoulder trauma you may require specialized treatment. Also understand you need to rest your shoulder for some days before you go back to normal activity after treatment. 
Shoulder Pain Prevention
The best solution is to always avoid getting shoulder injuries in the first place. Some simple shoulder exercises will help to strengthen and stretch cuff tendons. A physical therapist can advise on the best exercise to perform to strengthen your shoulders. 
01 – Frozen Shoulder

Also referred to as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder is a condition whose symptoms include shoulder stiffness and pain. Symptoms may begin slowly and get worse over time if untreated. In most cases, the condition may occur due to limited shoulder movement following a shoulder injury, or there could be no obvious cause. There are also risk factors that increase chances of suffering from adhesive capsulitis. Those with a history of open heart disease, diabetes, cervical disk disease, shoulder trauma, and hyperthyroidism are at an increased risk of a frozen shoulder.

Shoulder stiffness
Shoulder pain
Loss of flexibility

02 – Shoulder Separation

A shoulder separation occurs when the collarbone is forced away from the shoulder bone. Usually, this happens as a result of a sharp fall or blow thereby causing a shoulder injury. It is a common sports injury especially in contact sports like rugby, football, wrestling, or hockey. You may experience shoulder bruising and shoulder weakness as a separated shoulder could stretch or tear one of the ligaments that support the shoulder joint.

Shoulder bruising or trauma
Limited shoulder movement
Arm and shoulder weakness
Shoulder pain when moving you arm
A bump on your shoulder


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