Russ PT is proud to announce the recent arrival of the only AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill® in a private practice physical therapy clinic in Northwest Arkansas (NWA)! We know that the recovery process for injury or surgery can be long and challenging. The AlterG can help to optimize your treatment options and most quickly get you back to what you love doing without pain.

  • Take off up to 80% of body weight and experience motion without pain!
  • Clinically proven to reduce impact during exercise!
  • The ONLY un-weighting system that allows for normal gait mechanics and muscle firing patterns while exercising on a treadmill!
  • Chosen tool for leading physical therapy clinics, pro sports teams, hospitals, and colleges!

The AlterG can be used for:

  • Rehabilitation of lower extremity injuries such as: Total Knee Replacements (TKR), Total Hip Replacements (THR), ACL Tears & Repairs, Knee Pain, and Ankle Sprains
  • Treatment of neurological conditions such as: Parkinson’s, Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Training through an injury
  • Weight loss
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • General training to combat the diseases of aging

Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, a senior citizen or a high school competitor, the AlterG can help you! For more information or to schedule a FREE session to try the AlterG for yourself, call us at (479) 250-4014.

AlterG Anti-Gravity G-Trainer Treadmill® is the only piece of un-weighting rehabilitation equipment built on patented anti-gravity technologies developed by NASA. Patients begin therapy sooner and athletes can train through injuries.

G-Trainer™ Anti-Gravity Treadmills™ are changing the weight of the world. G-Trainers enable people to improve mobility and health, recover from injury and surgery more effectively, overcome medical challenges that limit movement, and enhance physical performance. Whether you’re an elite athlete who can’t afford bench time or an individual whose daily life doesn’t have time for sitting still, G-Trainers are designed for everyone.

G-Trainer Applications

Physical activity has a direct impact on the state of your health, but physical activity can be restricted by medical conditions that limit mobility. The G-Trainer allows individuals to improve overall health, benefit from exercise regardless of many conditions that limit mobility and weight-bearing activities, and rehabilitate more effectively, with less pain after lower extremity injury or surgery.

Injury Prevention
Whether you’re a world-class athlete or a weekend golfer, it’s always preferable to prevent injuries rather than recover from them. The G-Trainer allows individuals to receive the health benefits of walking or running while reducing the risk of injury and they can get a great cardiovascular workout without the chronic pain so many people experience while exercising. And it allows athletes to increase training volume and speed while minimizing the risk of impact-related injury and continue training regimens without pain caused by chronic injury issues.

Training and Conditioning
Elite athletes and weekend joggers alike are always looking for technological advancements to help them run farther, faster. The G-Trainer is being adopted by athletic trainers, conditioning specialists, and exercise facilities to augment training and conditioning routines, enhance performance and provide the most advanced option in reduced-impact exercise.

The G-Trainer Difference

Unrestricted Mobility
You can reduce your body weight easily without restriction. A person is able to maintain a normal gait, stride length, bounding, leg kick, and normal body positioning.

Natural Body MovementOvercome limitations such as water resistance and cumbersome harnesses associated with conventional unweighting systems allowing for a natural gait pattern. The G-Trainer’s supportive force is at your core and is uniformly distributed over your lower body making it very comfortable while allowing for natural body movement.

Full Range of Motion
You can walk or run with a full range of motion. Not only do you have a full stride length but your upper body is not restricted in movement. Other systems that support a person’s weight make it nearly impossible to achieve a full range of motion. Because the G-Trainer allows you to reduce your body weight you’re able to even extend your range of motion to condition muscles more thoroughly.

Extended Variable Options
With the G-Trainer you can add a reduction of body weight to traditional treadmill variables of speed and incline. Variables can be adjusted and programmed to meet any health, medical, therapeutic, training, or conditioning need. The G-Trainer continually adjusts to ensure the accuracy of set variables is consistent throughout a session.

Broad Variable Range
Weight, speed, and incline settings can be set with precision and include a broad range. Effective body weight can be reduced to as low as 20% of your body weight with reduction increments of 1% allowing for progressive weight-bearing. Speed variables can be adjusted up to 18 miles per hour in forwarding motion or 10 miles per hour in reverse and incline can be set up to 15%.

In-use Setting AdjustmentEach variable can be adjusted to different levels while in use. This advantage means you can adjust settings to meet your performance level and tailor workouts to account for ability level, pain, or fatigue. Variables can be altered on the fly your or your clinician without interrupting your workout.