Two words can describe our staff here at Russ Physical Therapy…Team and Family. We’re a team in that we work closely together to accomplish our number one goal, get our patients better, and a family in that we care for each other and our patients in ways that go beyond just professional care. You’ll quickly see that we love our jobs and our patients and see it as a privilege to help someone who’s hurting become pain-free. We take our jobs very seriously but aren’t interested in our clinic having a stuffy uptight atmosphere. Expect to laugh a lot and even enjoy yourself!

Come and see why our patients are so pleased with the care they get at Russ PT. You’ll come in a patient and leave as a friend!

  • Joe Russ

  • Rhonda Russ

  • Lisa Hufford

  • Thomas Johnson

  • Emily Rasmussen

  • Danaela Eaves

  • Melonie Moxley

  • Ryli Russ

  • Emma McGee