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Neck pain, also referred to as cervical pain, is a common problem that could be caused by a number of conditions. This might include poor posture while sleeping, degenerative disc disease, neck injury, pinched nerve, or a herniated disc. Muscle strain and certain diseases like meningitis, cancer, and conditions that directly affect neck muscle such as fibromyalgia and polymyalgia can also cause neck soreness. 

Neck stiffness and spasms

Neck soreness 

If nerves are affected you may experience loss of strength in your arms, sharp pain into your shoulder, and numbness in your arms.


01 – When to see a doctor
In most cases, cervical pain will improve gradually with home remedies. If symptoms persist past one week, it’s prudent to consult with your doctor as this may indicate a medical condition that needs treatment. Also, if you have lumps in your neck, severe headaches, swollen glands, weakness, inability to move your arms, and immediately after a motor accident or a fall, make sure to see a doctor, as the problem might be bigger than your estimation.  
02 – Neck Pain Prevention
Most neck pain happens due to poor posture and age-related wear and tear. To prevent neck pain, you are advised to use a good posture when standing and sitting, if you travel long or sit at work you should take frequent breaks, adjust your computer, desk and chair to ensure the monitor is at eye level, avoid carrying heavy bags over your shoulders, and sleep in a good position. 
03 – Whiplash
This is a neck injury that happens as a result of the head suddenly moving backward and then forward. It is common during rear-end car collisions and the injuries can range from mild to severe, sometimes causing damage to nerves. Typically, treatment can be administered with over-the-counter pain relievers or ice on the affected area. However, if pain persists, you are advised to seek physical therapy just in case the problem is linked to a pinched nerve, degenerative disc disease, or another condition that can only be solved with prescription medications. 
04 – Whiplash Symptoms
(Most whiplash symptoms develop within 24 hours of the injury)

Neck stiffness and pain

Headaches, usually at the base of the skull

Blurred vision




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