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01 – Lower Back Pain

Common causes of lower back pain include nerve irritation, lumbar strain, back muscle strain, and conditions that affect bones and joints. In most cases, you may experience chronic back pain due to strained back muscles or injuries to ligaments and the discs that support your spine. According to experts, strained back muscles if not treated could cause an imbalance in the spinal structure, which leads to tension on ligaments, muscles, discs, and bones, a condition that exposes you to higher risk of back injury or re-injury.

Sore back muscles in the lower or middle back, especially when you sit or stand for extended periods.

Sharp pain around the neck, lower back pain, or upper back pain, which often occurs after strenuous activity or lifting heavy objects.

Back pain that runs from the low back down to the buttock, the neck of the thigh, and extends into the calf and toes.

Difficulty standing straight without experiencing severe muscle spasms on the lower back.
Chronic back pain. This is back pain that persists over 3 months, may fail to respond to initial treatments, and requires serious medical workup to pinpoint the exact problem.

02 – Osteoarthritis

Also referred to as degenerative joint disease, Osteoarthritis is a common form of arthritis that occurs when the cartilage that cushions ends of bones or joints wears down over time.

Pain. Degenerative joint disease may cause sore back muscles or pain during or after movement.
Back tenderness. You might also feel back tenderness around your joint when you apply pressure to it or near it.

Back stiffness. Due to back muscle strain, back stiffness may be easily noticeable after being inactive or upon awakening.

Bone spurs. Back injury may also cause bone spurs, which can be felt as extra bits of bone that form around the injured joint.

Loss of flexibility. You might also experience difficulties moving your joint across its full range of motion.

Swelling. This happens as a result of soft tissue inflammation near the joint.


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