Where Does it Hurt

Physical Therapy in Northwest AR

We are here for one reason only – to serve you with the best Physical Therapy imaginable. If you need Physical Therapy, you have found the right spot.

We want to make your recovery as fast, thorough and enjoyable as possible. We’ve put together the most common injuries/diagnosis and their symptoms so you can pinpoint what the problem might be. Coupled with your understanding of your ailment.

Foot and Ankle

Physical Therapist Specializing in Foot & Ankle Pain in Northwest AR Whether your pain is caused by a sprained ankle, twisted ankle, or rolled ankle,

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Hip and Thigh

Physical Therapist Specializing in Hip & Thigh Pain in Northwest AR 01 – Bursitis Bursitis is a painful condition that affects the small fluid-filled pads

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Shin and Calf

Physical Therapist Specializing in Shin & Calf Pain in Northwest AR 01 – Shin Splints The term “shin splints” refers to pain along or just

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Physical Therapist Specializing in Knee Pain in Northwest AR Chronic knee pain is a condition that affects many people. However, there is a wide range

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Hand and Wrist

Physical Therapist Specializing in Hand & Wrist Pain in Northwest AR Most people never realize just how dependent their daily life is on the functional

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Experts for All Types of Elbow Injuries in Northwest AR Trying to get through a typical day without having the full use of your elbows

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